Why did you become a lawyer?

Atlanta, GA personal injury attorney Isaac Tekie talks about why he decided to go into law and what he enjoys about his job.

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I really enjoy the aspect of the teaching people. A lot of the clients that we have, we may be the first set of attorneys that they have ever had working for them and so I am in a position to really explain the law and in a way that helps people understand that the law can also work for them, because unfortunately, many times their only experience with the law has been either adversarial or not necessarily the law working for them.

And so my prior experience, I did a little bit of teaching and I even substituted teaching – was a substitute teacher for a while, so I always saw myself becoming a teacher of some sort, I didn’t know it was gonna be as an attorney but it’s certainly that there is that aspect to it that I really enjoy, and especially now that I’m working with clients a little more intimately and clients that have not always been represented.