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This brief introduction video featuring personal injury attorneys Thomas Reynolds and Isaac Tekie provides information on what it’s like to work with Reynolds Law Group.

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We really focus our practice in the areas of child advocacy and really personal injury and catastrophic injuries, wrongful deaths, as well as entertainment law and real estate. Now, we do have a number of other practice areas that we have designated attorneys to help with, which include things like criminal law, family law and employment law, but our core practice areas are personal injury, entertainment and real estate.

We are not scared to take on tougher cases. Now, we don’t turn down cases that are smoking guns or clear winds, but we are also not scared of the harder cases with harder facts, and we’re willing to kind of put in the work and take on some of those cases that others may not, for either because they don’t believe the liability is clear enough in a personal injury action or the damages may not be high enough or things of that nature.

What distinguishes us is perhaps some of our rates. We’re probably more competitive than the large firms. Also the personability, we’re a lot more approachable and we like to think of ourselves as a very kind, friendly and engaging law firm that we kind of try to really get personal and invested into our clients. But we focus on still trying to provide that level of expertise.