Describe the process for obtaining a Temporary Protective Order (TPO)?

Atlanta, GA family law attorney Regina I. Edwards talks about obtaining a temporary protective order.

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People sometimes ask how can I obtain a protective order and that actually is something that you don’t need an attorney for the first portion of it. Most courts have a wing or some sort of domestic violence unit or families in transition unit specifically dedicated for domestic violence victims. It’s pretty easy to find you just go to the center they help you fill out all the paperwork. They walk you over to the judge, they help you prep your testimony, get all of your evidence together, and to present it to the judge.

If the judge signs what’s called the ex parte order, which is the one side order sometimes it is advisable to get an attorney for the second hearing because at the second hearing the other party may appear, they may have an attorney, which can be intimidating if you don’t have one. But for the first part of the protective order that can be done without an attorney’s assistance. If you obtain the protective order and you’d like an attorney’s assistance for the second hearing it’s best to call one at that time.