Meet Regina I. Edwards

This introduction video features family law attorney Regina I. Edwards as she talks about her background and her love for working in family law, as well as strong advice for parents dealing with divorce.

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Family law practice is interesting. There are a lot of attorneys in other areas of law that do not understand how family law practitioners can practice. I love family law. It’s something that you have to be passionate about or you’re not going to be good at it. I love that the fact that even though parties are going through separation, going through divorce I’m helping them to create new relationship with their former partner, with their children, and help them move into the next area of their life with some dignity and hopefully, some money left as well.

So it’s challenging but I enjoy working with my clients, I enjoy helping them get results that they deserve and that they worked for, and it’s just it’s really rewarding to work with families, to work with children. I get pictures all the time form former clients of how happy their family is post separation. That’s very rewarding to me.

I often give advice because it’s my job as an attorney but the one piece of advice that I find that I give a lot is take the high road. There are so many different areas that you can argue about with your former partner someone being five minutes late picking up and dropping off, having to buy a second glove ‘cause your ex forgot their glove in the car just take the high road. Children pick up on tension and chaos between the parent and it affects them negatively. So if it’s not going to kill you, try to take the high road, try to work with the other part as much as humanly possible. It will make your life easier, it will make your children’s lives easier.

I have a pretty unique upbringing and background, which I’m proud of. My father was in the military he was a West Point grad and married my mother who was an educator. So we moved all over the world when I was younger. I’ve lived in 13 different states, I’ve lived overseas in Germany for several years, and having that exposure to different people, to different cultures it really helps me in the work that I do. Because my work is all about dealing with people, I’m able to deal with a great range of personalities because of the background that I’ve had.

Even now, I love traveling. I’ve been to about 35 different countries and in seeing different people and how they relate to each other in different ways really helps me, I think, give value to my clients. I had a great childhood growing up. I knew I always wanted to become a lawyer. I always liked to argue with my parents and they told me that one day I could get paid for doing it but now was not that time. I’ve wanted to be a lawyer since I was a child and I was able to make that dream come true. And now working with families and children on a daily basis is really something that I enjoy and I think it comes through in my representation.