How should one go about hiring a family law attorney?

Atlanta, GA family law attorney Regina I. Edwards talks about what makes the perfect family law attorney.

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When you’re looking for a family law attorney there is a few things that you should look for. First, you need to find that’s within your budget and you can afford and you need to have a frank and honest conversation with the attorney about what your budget is and what you’re looking for. You also need to find someone that aligns with what your goals and expectations are. If you have goals that are unrealistic the attorney should be able to tell you that those goals are unrealistic so you really need to make sure that you trust the person that you’re hiring.

In terms of experience, you really need to find someone that has a significant amount of experience in family law. Family law is not something that you can dabble in it’s very unique especially in Georgia. And because there’s such a wide discretion that courts are allowed you really need to hire someone that’s very familiar with the system, who’s familiar with the judges and how things work and has good relationship and rapports with court personnel and other attorneys because that makes up about 50 percent of hour case. It’s not just knowing the law and knowing how to argue and yell it’s the nuances that your family law attorney needs to have in order to get you a good result.