How much will my divorce cost?

Atlanta, GA family law attorney Regina I. Edwards talks about how much a divorce can cost and her method of billing clients.

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Everyone always wants to know the cost of the divorce and how do I reduce the cost of the divorce? And really, the easiest answer to that is don’t be angry. Because when people are angry emotions get in the way and it really is a hinderent to trying to resolve your case. So if you can remove emotions from the situation and focus on resolving the issues at hand then your attorney is going to be able to help you in a more cost effective manner.

I happen to charge only flat fees; most attorneys charge by the hour so when someone asks me how much their case will cost, I actually can tell them from beginning to end this is how much they will spend based on the stages of the case. Not every attorney works that way we prefer flat fee billing because clients usually like to know how much something will cost before signing on the dotted line and we’re able to provide that service to them. But if you really can remove emotions for the situation especially if you have children, focus on what’s best for your children, focus on resolving everything as opposed to wanting to go to court and fight it out that really will help reduce the cost of your divorce case.