Under what circumstance might an order for custody or visitation be modified?

Atlanta, GA family law attorney Regina I. Edwards talks about modification of custody/visitation.

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A large part of what I do are called modification cases. So a modification case is where parties already have an order and one or both of those parties is seeking to change that order. It could be for a variety of reasons. The general legal standard is that there has been a substantial change that has affected either the parties or the children. In terms of child support usually that substantial change is to income, someone has lost a job, a child has more expenses. Modifications are usually much more complicated. One party wants to move away to Alaska. Another party, you know, unfortunately, has a drug and alcohol problem. A child is having significant anger issues against one parent. So with modifications of custody it’s really anything that has changed that has affected the welfare of a child that party can come in and ask the court to alter the parenting plan, alter the custody order, and again, using that standard of what’s in the best interest of this child or children.