What factors are used to determine child support in Georgia?

Atlanta, GA family law attorney Regina I. Edwards talks about how child support is determined between two people.

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In Georgia we use what’s called a child support calculator to determine child support. So we take both parties incomes, we put them into a formula then we look at what are the children’s expenses. Who’s paying health insurance? Who’s paying life insurance, dental insurance, childcare and childcare during the school year, childcare during the summer, extracurricular activities. Does someone have flute lessons, golf? All of that goes into the formula and then there is what’s called a presumptive number. That presumptive number means this is just the baseline number that we start with that’s the default. From there, you can go up or down based on various factors.

A reason to go up is one party makes significantly more income. A reason to go down would be the non-custodial parent lives out of state and has to actually spend money to visit the child. Those are just a few examples. So when we have child support worksheets in cases it’s almost never the case where the worksheets match from both sides so it’s really important to have an attorney that understands all of the different deviations and exceptions that can be placed into the worksheet and knows how to argue those exceptions in order to get the best result for you.