What’s the most rewarding aspect of your practice?

Atlanta, GA entertainment law attorney Gilles Walters talks about what he finds special about working in his field.

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Definitely seeing a client’s growth. So, well, like, say if I’m – I may have started working with a client when they were like just starting out, like they didn’t put out any music, so when I say just starting out, like they just knew that this was something that they wanted to do. And then to watch them go from that to headlining their own tours and people knowing them. And so now people think it’s cool that I know them. It’s like, oh, you know this person, I think it’s so cool that you get to not really hang out ’cause that’s – I wouldn’t do that, but just the fact that I know these people that are now celebrities or now they have a different impact in the world or, you know, in the city and they’re – I mean as specific as a community but as broad and as vast as the world, they have impact in people’s lives because of the art that they have created. So it’s cool to see that come from not a household name, you know. That has been rewarding because I guess because you’re growing with them.