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This brief introduction videos features entertainment law attorney Gilles Walters as he talks about how he got into practicing in this field as well as highlights of working in entertainment law.

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When I first started practicing, I was just the only attorney that a lot of people knew, my circle knew, so if and when they were presented with some sort of legal need that was entertainment related they would just call me ’cause I was the only person that they knew at the time. I may have started working with a client when they were just – like just starting out, like they didn’t put out any music. So when I say just starting out, like, they just knew this was something that they wanted to do. And then to watch them go from that to headlining their own tours and people knowing them, and so now people think it’s cool that I know them.

I guess the artists who are starting in their career, I often tell them, like, hey, this is the beginning. Like, a lot of times people work to get to that “record deal.” Not so much – I mean the industry is definitely shifting now, more people are willing to be independent, but still, like, you know, that first advance – that lump sum advance that you get, so a lot of people will kinda work for that and they say, okay, I did it, I’m signed with such and such, I’m, you know, whoever. This is my affiliation. But that’s really where the work begins ’cause people aren’t giving you money to not make it back.

I won’t say this is necessarily the most significant but it’s something that is significant. So the singer Lloyd is a client of the firm’s, but he just put out an album after seemingly like a ten-year hiatus. So just kinda getting him back in the swing of things was cool to see, and working on his distribution agreement and producer agreements and the featured artist agreements associated with that was – you know, it was fun because, you know, one, I like – before I even practiced law I was a fan of his work, but then helping him to get back out there was cool.