How did you become an entertainment lawyer?

Atlanta, GA entertainment law attorney Gilles Walters talks about how he got into being an entertainment lawyer.

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I’m from here, I’m from Atlanta, so it turns out that I’ve known people who are now entertainers, but when I first started practice and I was just the only attorney that a lot of people knew that – well, my circle knew, so if and when they were presented with some sort of legal need that was entertainment related, they would just call me ’cause I was the only person that they knew at the time. So I was able to kind of build an expertise that way, I guess somewhat naturally.

I mean I’m also involved in entertainment myself, and I really like – I mean I listen to music all the time and I’m certainly – I’m both a consumer and a creator, so I guess that helps guide my advice, but as far as like a client base, it was just kinda based on – well, it started from just people that have, I guess, grown up to become entertainers or in the entertainment industry.