What is the first thing you have to do to win a product liability case?

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Sieben describes methods of winning a product liability claim.

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Well, the first thing you have to do is prove that there was a defect in the product. A defect can be one of several kinds; that is it can be a manufacturing flaw, the product wasn’t manufactured the way it was supposed to be manufactured. The second way is to have an inadequate design; the product wasn’t designed properly in the first place and therefore, caused somebody injury or harm. The third way that you can prove a defect in a case is by failing to warn about how to properly operate the product or of dangers inherent in operating the product in the first place, so failure to warn or to properly instruct users about how to use the product. So that’s the first thing you have to do is have a defect in the product of one of those three types.