What was your experience like at William Mitchell College of Law?

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Sieben reflects on his experience at William Mitchell College of Law.

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I thought it was an excellent law school with very practical professors, but what was very important to me is that I worked during the day and I went to law school at night. My first couple of years in law school I worked for a law firm, my brother’s law firm, investigating cases as a law clerk, writing briefs, and motions for my brother and other lawyers in the firm. Then I transferred to Senator Mondale’s staff and my last couple of years in law school I worked for him and handled consumer issues for Senator Mondale. I traveled the state with him when he’d come back to Minnesota. I traveled well beyond. Then I moved to Washington and worked in the White House. But while I was at William Mitchell I not only had every day, eight hours a day working on hands on problems for people, but then at night, learning from professors that themselves were practitioners and had a very practical understanding of the law.