What is your experience in handling spinal cord injury cases?

Minneapolis personal injury lawyer Bill Sieben talks about his experience in handling spinal cord injury cases.

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Yeah, they are so tragic. The research on spinal cord injury and regeneration is in its infancy and you always want to give hope and in stem cell transplants you always want to give hope but they’re not there yet and they’re years away from making that work. So the research should go on but spinal cord injuries are devastating to the individual and to their family. It hurts the whole family. Rarely is there enough money to care for a spinal cord victim. Rarely are they able to get back to work and that’s either a paraplegia, especially a quadriplegic so it’s a devastating loss.

And these victims, as I say, rarely are able to get back to work. Now there’s some exceptions there’s some very inspirational clients that I’ve had that have gone on to have extremely rewarding careers. An inspirational singer and speaker, for instance and another one that’s a very well-known lawyer that works for the state of Minnesota was an assistant attorney general and now is the lawyer for one of the major departments for the state of Minnesota. So yes, rewarding careers can occur but most paraplegics and quadriplegics are just unable to work. And then the cost of care for those individuals is enormous.

And so quadriplegics, especially, need attendant care. They need somebody with them all the time 24 hours a day. You would think well, why while they’re sleeping? Well because you have to move while you’re sleeping, otherwise you’re going to get bedsores that they go hand in hand with spinal cord injuries so you have to have somebody that’s helping turn a quadriplegic and even a paraplegic at night. So attendant care is especially important and sometimes the attendant care requires not just an attendant but a higher level of care such as a nurse, LPN, or an RN depending on medications that might have to be used during the care of that individual. So that’s one of the reasons why the damages for spinal cord injury victims are so high is because of the medical care and attendant care with that. In addition to what’s probably a lifetime of lost earnings.