What are the unique challenges of representing franchisors against franchisees?

Washington D.C. litigator Eric Yaffe shares what the difficulties are in representing franchisors against franchisees.

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Well, I think that one of the unique challenges is that franchisees oftentimes take things very personally, and when you can’t look at something from a business perspective and take a logical approach to a potential resolution of a case, and it becomes personal, it’s a lot harder to resolve those cases. And despite our best efforts sometimes on behalf of the franchisor, trying to convince the franchisee that they might be better off being out of the system and maybe selling their location and recouping their investment, oftentimes they’ll take it personally and they’ll want to go all the way and try the case regardless, even if the chances of them prevailing are very slim, and I think that’s one of the most difficult challenges we have as franchisor litigators in representing our clients.