Talk about Gray Plant Mooty’s Franchise Law Group

Washington D.C. litigator Eric Yaffe discusses his firm’s franchise law practice group.

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Our franchise law group is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota as well as in Washington, D.C. We have approximately 30 or so practitioners, pretty much full-time practitioners, about half of whom are litigators and about half of whom are transactional attorneys. The transactional attorneys assist our clients globally. We do a lot of international franchise law drafting joint venture agreements, master franchise agreements, and providing counseling and advice for franchisors who are developing overseas. That includes the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, really all over the world.

In addition, our transactional lawyers assist our franchise clients with domestic issues here in the U.S., handling their franchise registrations in states that require that the franchisor be registered, drafting the disclosure documents, drafting the franchise agreement, as well as other contracts that the franchisor may need.

On the litigation side, we handle litigation across the country for our franchise clients. We are national franchise counsel to a number of the household franchise brand names, and even today we represent clients as we speak in California and Massachusetts and New York, New Jersey, Minnesota, Texas, Florida, Illinois, really all over the country, handling their claims. Our clients trust us to handle claims wherever those claims may be brought, or we may need to bring claims, because of our deep knowledge of franchising. It simply doesn’t make sense for the franchisor to be going to someone who might be a litigator but is novice in the area of following and doesn’t really understand the issues, so we handle those for our clients across the country.

We have a very deep bench of practitioners, many of whom are among the leading practitioners in the franchise bar. Our attorneys have won a number of awards in franchising and they publish constantly in a number of the franchise law journals and speak at conferences around the country. We believe we are one of the, if not the, top franchise practice in the country, certainly one of the two or three top franchise practices, and we’re very proud of that.