What is your experience in franchise law?

Washington D.C. litigator Eric Yaffe reflects on his experience in franchise law.

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I came out of the Department of Justice as a federal prosecutor in 2000 and ended up at a law firm that did a lot of franchise law, and started doing not only white-collar litigation but also franchise litigation. So for the last 15 years I’ve focused quite a bit on franchise litigation and have been involved in a number of different kinds of cases, including class actions, anti-trust cases, tortious interference cases, covenants not to compete, a number of different injunctions that I’ve brought on behalf of franchisor clients, and I’ve also had several trials in franchising.

I’ve also developed along with a couple of my colleagues a specialty in breaches of the franchise agreement by the franchisee in connection with tax fraud or underreporting of sales. So we will often on behalf of our franchisor clients find instances where the franchisee is violating the law in connection with the filing of tax returns or other kinds of tax fraud or financial fraud, and we will terminate those franchisees on that basis. The franchisor cares very much about having franchisees in the system that they can trust, and if they violate the law obviously they can’t trust them.

But in general I’ve been focusing quite a bit on franchise litigation, handling cases for our clients nationwide, in really states all over the country, wherever the franchisor happens to have a case. We are a national franchise counsel, national litigation counsel, to a number of large franchisors.