What are the recent changes in civil procedure that clients should know about?

San Francisco business litigation attorney, Bahram Seyedin-Noor, talks about recent changes in civil procedures that clients should know about.

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Civil procedure is one of my favorite areas of the law although it tends to put a lot of lawyers to sleep because it’s really critical to understand how the rules have been evolving and how that impacts a litigation landscape. One of the rules that recently changes just to take one example in state court is the courts now require that parties have a pretty substantial meet and confer before a defendant intends to file what we call a demur, which is a motion to dismiss in state court. And it’s amazing to me how many lawyers still aren’t even aware of that rule and by the time that that line rolls around, they have to be reminded of this new requirement. I think civil procedure is very important. I’ve taught civil procedure at Hastings Law School, which is here in San Francisco. It’s one of my favorite courses in law school and I think it has a critical impact on the strategy in litigation. And it’s important that your counsel is up to speed on all the developments both in federal court, state court, and also in the Delaware Court of Chancery where we tend to have numerous disputes in the corporate realm.