What distinguishes your firm's SEC practice?

San Francisco business litigation attorney, Bahram Seyedin-Noor, talks about what distinguishes his SEC practice.

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I’ve been practicing before the SEC since the 1990s and our SEC practice includes representing individuals who are being investigated by the SEC. It includes individuals who are already in a lawsuit with the SEC. And it includes audit committees and boards of directors that are doing their own internal investigation where they may choose to self-report to the SEC about whatever the subject matter is.

I think one of the things that distinguishes our firm is I’ve actually done a trial with SEC. I’ve been involved in the process from inception through the ultimate conclusion. And while we, of course, settle most disputes if they’ve already made it to the enforcement phase or try to prevent them from ever making it the enforcement phase it is important to know what it looks like when one is in a trial with a securities and exchange commission whether you’re in federal court or in one of their administrative proceedings. And I think that experience has been critical to our ability to defend our clients and to give them the right advice from the very beginning of an engagement.