What are clients looking for in fee structures these days?

San Francisco business litigation attorney, Bahram Seyedin-Noor, talks about what clients are looking for in fee structures these days.

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I think what clients are looking for is really twofold. They want a law firm that’s transparent with them about their billing and bout their budgeting for litigation. We are very upfront about what we think a lawsuit would actually cost. We are very conscious about what costs we pass on to the client and what costs we don’t pass on to the client. If we have a very junior associate billing on a matter because we’re checking on something that’s somewhat rudimentary you will often see that written off on our invoices. If we have two lawyers in a meeting with a client, you will only see one them billing their time for that meeting. We do everything we can so that the client when looking at the invoice sees the value of the service that was provided and doesn’t’ come across entries that they think are inefficient. And that’s one of the areas where we’ve had incredibly positive feedback from our clients about our transparency.

And the second element I think is alignment of interests. There are lots of ways for litigation counsel to align their interest with their clients and it includes things like success fees. But there are also other tools and we really work hard with our clients in the first instance to make sure that the interest of the client and the law firm are aligned.