The Alto Litigation Difference

San Francisco business litigation attorney, Bahram Seyedin-Noor, discusses his experience and what makes Alto Litigation stand out.

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I think because we are a boutique law firm we have a lot more flexibility in how we can approach an engagement and what sort of a fee structure we have in place. We have matters that we’ve done on partial contingency, we have matters that we’ve done on full contingency, we have matters where we’ve had fixed fee engagements. You know, it really runs the gamut in terms of what the client thinks fits their interest. And, being a smaller firm, being very nimble, we can offer more flexibility for our clients.

I moved out to Silicon Valley in the 1990s and since that time I’ve been focused on securities litigation which includes derivative litigation and class actions, SEC lawsuits, and also complex commercial litigation. In particular, our here in the business ecosystem we have here we see a lot of trade secrets disputes, complex licensing disputes, and other forms of business disputes. I’ve been doing that here since the 1990s and our clients really run the gamut out here from Fortune 100 companies that I’ve worked with for the last two decades as well as directors and officers of public companies and private companies.

I’ve been honored to have been selected for inclusion in super lawyers but really the greatest honor I think is, really having colleagues of mine, including counsel that I’ve litigated against, come to us and send clients our way. The greatest honor is when someone calls me with a client of theirs that they’ve represented for many years and says, “Batum, I’d like you to represent this individual. They’re a dear client of mine but we’re conflicted out of this engagement.” And that really is how we get most of the client introductions for our firm. And it really is an honor to serve in that way and to get those phone calls.