What if my spouse does not have a collaborative divorce lawyer - will the collaborative process still work?

Dallas, TX Family Law Attorney, Barbara Cole, talks about if the collaborative process will still work if your spouse does not have a collaborative divorce lawyer.

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This is the way that I approach that situation, if the other side doesn’t have a collaborative lawyer or maybe even doesn’t have a lawyer yet when we present our pleadings I have a letter on the front of those pleadings from me to the other side that says it’s regrettable if you’re reading this letter but this is the direction that my client would like us to go in. And I outline what collaborative is and I make suggestions of people that they might want to go talk to if they’re in the process of looking for a lawyer. If they have a lawyer who’s not trained in collaborative, which I’ve had that happen at times, I really encourage the other attorney to get some training or to go speak with some collaborative lawyers. And maybe we can’t get all the way to collaborative but we can use the skillset to help the family.