How should one go about hiring a family law attorney -- What traits and experience should one look for?

Dallas, TX Family Law Attorney, Barbara Cole, talks about the traits a good family law attorney should have and what you should look for when hiring one.

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I think that’s a good question. I think we’re very challenged in this day and age to try to get that right. I believe that people spend a lot of time watching television or they remember old television and the point is that if you hire a lawyer somebody has to win and someone has to lose. And that is not appropriate for families and I think as professionals we know that now. So if I had anything to share with someone who would be looking for a good family lawyer it would be someone with the skillsets to be able to sit down, help the person move from the point where they are to the point where they need to get. And still be able to preserve a healthy co-parenting relationship because at the end of the day, the children always belong to you.