What are the advantages to choosing the collaborative divorce process?

Dallas, TX Family Law Attorney, Barbara Cole, talks about why you should choose a collaborative divorce process.

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Over the years, I’ve learned that what it really does is it helps our couples find a new skillset. You know the truth is if people could still get along they’d still be married they wouldn’t be needing he services that we have. And so when they come to us they’ve been through a very difficult time, they’re worn out most of the time, they’re very frayed, and quite frankly, a lot of them have shut down in terms of their ability to relate. With the team approach, we’re able to support them, create that safe space, and quite frankly, create a new model for relating for them. And let them try that out and allow them the ability to be vulnerable so they feel appropriate in doing that. If we’re going at each other, they can never experience that and quite frankly, their children need them to experience that.