is the world’s first and only (as far as we can tell) all-video legal website. For consumers and business people, it’s a place to look for answers and search for lawyers. It’s the next best thing to visiting a lawyer’s office – or many lawyers’ offices.

So, why video?

We’ve all seen the statistics that show that video is rapidly becoming the language of the web – for example, studies show that 60 percent of visitors watch video content before reading text on the same web page.

But for law, video is especially important. Unlike other professions – how a lawyer communicates is part of what the client is buying. Sure it’s nice if your dentist or plumber communicates well, but let’s face it: it’s not essential. But how a lawyer communicates, on the other hand, is absolutely crucial. Can she sway a jury, persuade a judge, close the transaction, or get the other party to settle? All of these outcomes are greatly influenced by the lawyer’s ability to communicate.

Until ReelLawyers came along, a web search for a lawyer typically served up nothing more than an outdated headshot and a wall of self-laudatory text. on the other hand, allows you to see the lawyer address the questions and concerns you have about the law. And in watching the lawyer in action, you get a better sense: Does the lawyer know what she’s talking about? Does she communicate effectively? Does she seem like someone I want to spend time with? Would she represent me well? Does she understand my situation?

For people looking online for answers to their legal questions, and shopping for lawyers, it doesn’t get better than that. is the brainchild of Bill White. Bill was the founder and publisher of Law & Politics magazine and Super Lawyers – one of the leading lawyer ratings services in the country. Bill developed the Super Lawyers selection process, which was granted a US Patent in April of 2013.